Onhaxpk (from the original name: Onhax Pk) is an endeavor started by Zaheer Khan to provide modding software and full access to services.


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Our aim is mostly on the educational and research-aimed software or services, as they constitute an important piece of the development of our society; but we still provide for others. It has developed to provide, to the maximum extent possible, own methods of such software and the complete access of those services, so their inner workings can be revealed as much as possible, to ensure transparency and thus the cybersecurity of our users — an insight encouraged by LeWolfie, one of the most important members of the Onhaxpk Team. And also to supply information and help on topics related with computers.

Onhaxpk is known for providing methods to adquire Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and cookies to fully access several services, predominantely Grammarly. Though, due to the exersice of the policies of services like YouTube (where we provided our methods through videos) and Discord (where we could help and update our viewers), as what we are attempting to provide is against them, our activity has not been significant as before, becuase they ceased mostly of our usual endeavors there, so we had to comply to them. Therefore we hosted this website, to provide our content without any meaningful restrictions. However, we are committed to comply to federal law and any policies of our hosting provider and domain registrar; and therefore, if we engage in any violation, we will face the consequences and do anything possible to deescalate the damage.

i will teach you how to solve daily tech problems.

Editorial Team

Zaheer khan Provide main services and mod apps while Lewolfie will tell you about cybersecurity.

Zaheer Khan




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