On the SPRIBE and UFC partnership: Interview with Rishabh Vekaria, author of aviator-game-play.in

In October 2023, Spribe, the developer of the world-famous innovative crash game Aviator, forged a new marketing partnership with UFC, a renowned Las Vegas-based company focused on the promotion of mixed martial arts (MMA). Such collaboration has ensured notable exposure for Spribe and its title Aviator during the large-scale live events hosted by the UFC. 


Today we are going to find out how such prominent branding has affected the popularity of Aviator worldwide and in India in particular, and what the marketing forecasts are for the years to come. Since it’s crucial to receive this insight from an industry insider, we invited Rishabh Vekaria, a gambling expert and pro-Aviator strategist with outstanding analytical talent. He is the creator and chief editor of an Aviator-focused portal, aviator-game-play.in, that provides useful guides and strategies for both avid fans and newcomers.

Mr. Vekaria, on October 24, 2023, Spribe launched a partnership with UFC, as highlighted in the article on Spribe’s official website. How does this partnership add to the popularity of Aviator?

Rishabh Vekaria: The concluded multi-year marking agreement has been greatly beneficial to SPRIBE, and I am thrilled to see Aviator surge in popularity even higher. Spribe received branded integrations in UFC live events and high-visibility placement in the UFC Octagon fighting cage. 

Rishabh Vekaria

Another part of the agreement envisages the promotion of Spribe and Aviator with UFC athletes through creative campaigns, content, and appearances. The year 2024 has only just begun, but the all-around marketing campaign initiated through this partnership is already yielding impressive results.

How has the popularity of the Aviator game changed since the UFC partnership article was published?

Rishabh Vekaria: Partnering with UFC for marketing purposes was, without a doubt, a forward-looking decision. Spribe creates dynamic, fast-paced, high-thrill games where the player is in control of all decision-making. Such games appeal strongly to UFC viewers, offering a unique experience through their intuitive yet exciting and innovative gameplay. 

Aviator already holds the title of the world’s most-played crash game: its average monthly player count exceeds 10 million. The significance of the UFC partnership is that it’s helping Aviator reach a new audience of immense size, as the average viewer count for UFC live events can exceed 2,000,000 people. Such immense exposure grants Aviator visibility and recognition. 

We would like to hear your forecast: do you expect the Aviator game to grow even more popular by the end of 2024 in India?

Rishabh Vekaria: Aviator’s popularity has been on a stable rise ever since its launch. But with the new UFC partnership, the sky’s the limit. India has many fans of UFC and MMA – the popularity of sports betting on such events highlights this. Indian UFC fans are a large audience that is getting introduced to Aviator during their favourite live matches or through their favorite athletes. They are the perfect audience for Aviator. It consists of people who crave action-packed entertainment to keep them on the edge of their seats. And Aviator delivers exactly the kind of thrill they are looking for. 

Spribe’s partnership with UFC was a hit: it’s the perfect marketing strategy to raise Aviator’s recognition and popularity in India even higher. At this pace, we can expect Aviator’s Indian player base to grow by a good share by the end of 2024. Our project, aviator-game-play.in, is ready to welcome all new players of the famous crash title. 

What distinguishes your portal, aviator-game-play.in, and how is it beneficial to Aviator players? 

Rishabh Vekaria: My expert team and I are eager to share our wealth of knowledge about the Aviator game. What makes our portal stand out is that we not only explain the Aviator gameplay through basic information aimed at new players. We also give you expert insight into the mechanics behind it and equip you with working strategies that will transform your approach to Aviator gaming.

Thank you for your insight, Mr. Vekaria. We hope Aviator reaches previously unattainable heights through this partnership, and we wish great success to your informative Aviator project.Rishabh Vekaria: My pleasure! Our experts at aviator-game-play.in will be happy to guide all the newly joining players to success with our knowledge and insight.

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