Websites Like Ruble

Websites Like Ruble – The Complete List 2023

Would you like to earn some rubles and boost your income? Do you know about websites that offer daily earning opportunities through rubles? Several websites are promising to pay people for “liking,” “following,” and “commenting” on images or videos.

These platforms offer money in exchange for a mere tap or click from you. It sounds too good to be accurate, but it’s real. Don’t let this opportunity slip away to earn quick cash without much effort! Take advantage of this chance now! Many people worldwide are looking for reliable websites that pay in rubles for easy tasks such as watching videos and liking posts.

Are you looking for websites like Ruble? Then, you have come to the right place! Here are some great websites where you can trade cryptocurrencies, including Ruble. Let’s deep dive into some fantastic alternatives and discover the incredible options! We suggest reading the entire article for further details to learn more about websites like Ruble. You can earn money online in Rubles by completing surveys and watching ads on various websites. These tasks are simple and quick, and you can make decent money. Don’t wait any longer, and start earning today!

How to earn rubles?

Here are some websites you can check out to earn rewards in Rubles. Please explore the following list of websites and identify ones similar to Ruble. Rest assured that each website has been thoroughly verified and is safe to visit. You can trust that these websites have been screened for security so you can browse with peace of mind.

If you use these websites, you can earn not just Rubles but also receive additional benefits from the site. To make a lot of money in rubles, focus on websites that offer the best rewards and put most of your effort into them. Look for the highest payouts to maximize your earnings. This way, you can make the most of your time.

The Russian Ruble has established a reputation as one of the most robust currencies in the global market. Websites such as Rubles can be helpful if you want to earn more rubles. These websites are an excellent opportunity to boost your account balance. Once you have earned Rubles, you can convert them into your local currency and transfer them back to your account. Let’s not waste any time and jump into the list of the best websites to buy Rubles.

1. Getlike

This website is great for earning Rubles. Earn money by completing easy tasks on Instagram, such as liking, following, commenting, reposting and voting on posts and stories. Get paid for your efforts! You can earn money from TikTok and Twitter, not just Instagram.

You can see how much money you’ve earned in the App on your dashboard. You will receive your payments in Rubles every 1-2 days upon claiming them. Join the affiliate program and invite others to it to increase your earnings. If you refer someone to us, we will reward you with 50% of the money we earn from that person. Top affiliates are making over 10,000 rubles a day already.

You can make the minimum payment of just 100 rubles. You have the potential to earn more than 200 rubles every day. Once you hit this threshold, you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account or PayPal. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting features that are available on Ruble’s website.


  • Get more likes and followers to boost your Instagram presence for free.
  • The App is safe because it does not require your login details.
  • Identify the highest-earning users who can make up to 1000 rubles every day.

Official Website:

2. Vktarget

I have found a website that is just as helpful as Ruble’s. To earn points on this website, you must complete tasks similar to those on the Get Like website. Completing these tasks can earn rewards and increase your credibility on the site. The VKTarget website has a mobile app that allows users to make money by completing easy tasks. I’m sorry the App isn’t currently available on the Google Play Store. If you cannot find the App on official sources, you could try installing it from a third-party source. You can use this link to download the Application.

The Vktarget app provides various ways to cash out the earned Rubles. Users can easily withdraw their money using any of the available methods. Their service is excellent, and they have an affiliate program that lets users earn 15% extra ad revenue or commissions on tasks they complete. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make even more money using their platform.


  • This website is centred around social media as well.
  • You need to like, follow, and comment on our content to earn rubles.
  • On this website, you can make withdrawals as low as 15 rubles.

Official Website:


I came across another fascinating website similar to Ruble and worth checking out. Complete the captcha on the website to proceed. The website pays its users in Rubles for completing captchas. There are two different types of captchas that you will encounter: a standard captcha and a JavaScript captcha. For solving 1000 regular captchas, workers can earn approximately $15.43. The total amount paid for both Google and JS captchas was $87.49.

Recaptcha is an easy and speedy way to make money in rubles. You can use various payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.


  • Make money with your phone by solving captchas.
  • To make money, you only need to sign up and start working.
  • Discover how to earn a passive income online without any upfront investment.
  • Earn money easily without cheating by solving captchas and receive quick payouts.

Official website:

4. IPweb Surf

If you want to earn rubles through social media, you can check out similar websites like Ruble. Here is another website that you can try. You’ll get Rubles for liking and commenting on social media, depending on how much work you do. You need at least 5 rubles to withdraw your funds to your bank account.

This service features a mobile application you can download and use. Your entire workload will be handled from that point onwards. Below are the exceptional features that rank this website among the top-notch alternatives to Ruble.


  • Earn money by completing tasks assigned to you.
  • Make money while browsing the internet and using social media.
  • Earn money by simply reading emails.

Official website: Visit Here

5. SocPublic

This website is a fantastic option for earning Rubles by completing straightforward tasks in Russia. There are lots of jobs and small assignments ready for you to do! Make money online with daily payments by working on the internet! In addition to the typical tasks, you can make extra Rubles by introducing others to the website.

You can earn 30% to 70% of the income generated by your referrals. The official minimum wage in Russia is 11 rubles, and automated payments vary based on the job position. Manual payment processing allows you to withdraw any amount you desire within one to four days. You can choose from various withdrawal methods: debit or credit cards, e-wallets like WebMoney, QIWI, and YuMoney, or payment processors such as Payeer and PerfectMoney.


  • Consider using it as either your primary income source or a second job.
  • Users can transfer funds to their debit and credit cards and digital wallets.
  • Join contests frequently.
  • Ways to obtain daily bonuses.
  • Lead referrals

Official Website:

6. Teaserfast

Various ways to earn rubles through different websites offer diverse tasks. You’ll need to switch to a different browser to access this website. Earn money just by browsing the internet! That’s right; you’ll be paid simply for surfing the web. In summary, these browsers will give you rubles directly. This browser has a unique feature – you can withdraw money with a minimum limit of just 1 ruble.

To use Teserfast, install the Chrome extension and browse the internet usually. You can withdraw a minimum limit of just one Ruble. The extension will intermittently present enticing teasers and gripping promotional messages that will tempt you to visit the website while you browse the internet. Earn cash by simply watching ads! You can easily withdraw your earnings to your Payeer or WebMoney wallet.


  • The best online Application to earn Rubles through your browser.
  • This extension allows you to make actual cash simply by watching ads.
  • Withdraw money to Payeer and WebMoney.

Official website: Chrome Extension

7. SurfEarner

SurfEarner shares many similarities with Teaserfast. This browser extension requires you to watch banners and complete tasks. You will earn rubles when you come across those banners and complete the specified charges. It’s that simple! To get rubles, use this extension and follow the steps.


  • This can be considered as an add-on to the web browser.
  • You need to check out various banners.
  • To obtain rubles, you will need to complete various tasks.

Russian websites that pay users in Rubles are becoming more popular due to their advantages over those that pay in dollars. This post will share the top paid sites where you can earn rubles directly on Payeer. You can earn by completing various tasks or even on autopilot. These sites are reliable and trustworthy.

Official Website: Extension

Websites like Ruble FAQ

Q. Are These Websites Like Ruble Legit?

A. numerous websites on the internet claim to provide ruble rewards to users. Ultimately, users are just thrown away anyway. These websites have been thoroughly tested and proven to offer ruble rewards to their users.

Rest assured that the following websites are completely safe and will protect you from accessing fake or counterfeit websites. If not, you’re going to be furious.

Q. What should I do on Websites Like Ruble?

A. When discussing the features of top websites like Ruble, various options exist. For instance, social media functionalities include liking, following, sharing, displaying ads, hosting lotteries, and mining.

Q. Are there any gambling websites to earn Rubles?

A. Some websites, including Coloriba, offer lotteries that allow you to win rubles. When you begin to play these lotteries, every winning ticket will bring you rubles. This website also allows you to cash out as low as 10 rubles. If you enjoy playing the lottery, this website is an excellent alternative to Ruble.

Q. What is the best mining website like Ruble?

A. I highly recommend checking out the Million websites before you start mining for rubles. It’s a tried and true platform that can give you the resources you need to succeed in the world of ruble mining. To acquire Rubles, you must complete various tasks to obtain them. This website requires a minimum withdrawal of 50 rubles.

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