How Does it Help Writers and Bloggers – How Does it Help Writers and Bloggers?

Today, we are going to review a most popular online tool named “Article Rewriter.” We are also going to talk about how this online tool can help writers and bloggers. Not only that, we will also see some of the unique key features it offers.

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Article Rewriter: What Exactly is it? is an online AI-based tool that works to rewrite the text in different words while maintaining the real meaning. The AI of this tool analyzes the provided text and then finds and replaces words with synonyms and creates a new version of the text.

It is a free tool that doesn’t have any premium plan, but it only allows you to rewrite 1,000 words each time with unlimited sessions.

Along with this, it offers some features, including its rewriting modes. It offers three different modes, and each of them has its own ability.

Don’t worry. The next heading is all about how these modes work and can help writers and bloggers.

Modes and How They Help Writers & Bloggers

As mentioned above, there are three modes of Article Rewriter. Now, let’s see what changes they made in the given text and how they can be helpful for writers.

·      Word Changer

This is the first mode of Article Rewriter. As you can see from the name of this mode, it changes words with different and easy ones to make the flow better.

How Can This Mode Help Writers and Bloggers?

Sometimes, while writing content, both bloggers and writers face difficulty in composing a clear and better sentence that a reader can read in a flow without any confusion. For this, they try many times, changing words in the text, but still do not get the results they want. They can’t create a flow in sentences on their own.

So, in such a scenario, “Word Changer” can be helpful. It analyzes the text and sees where changes can be made, and the flow gets improved. Then, it changes them with appropriate synonyms and improves the flow. A perfect example of how this mode makes changes and improves flow is shown below.

Word Changer

See how this mode has improved the flow of a confusing sentence.

·      Sentence Rewriter

This is the second mode of Article Rewriter. It works slightly differently from Word Changer. It not only changes words but also restructures sentences to make them readable.

How Can This Mode Help Writers and Bloggers?

Writers’ and bloggers’ priority always is to make the content readable so that their readers can easily understand it. However, in some cases, they use difficult words in their content, which, if a normal reader will read, he/she might face difficulty understanding it.

Not only that, bloggers and writers sometimes write lengthy sentences (like 25-30 words), which for readers is hard to read because they can’t stay while reading it. This can negatively impact readability.

So, while keeping this readability issue in view, Article Rewriter has developed a “Sentence Changer” mode, which can resolve it. This mode will find those complicated words and replace them with the best and easiest synonyms, which everyone can easily read. Along with this, if they find any lengthy sentence in the text, they will break it in a way that doesn’t disturb its situation, just as shown in the below image.

Sentence Rewriter

You see how effectively it has changed words with easy ones and made text very easy to read.

·      Plagiarism Remover

This is another great mode of Article Rewriter. This AI mode works to change words and restructure sentences in the given text to make it plagiarism-free.

How Can This Mode Help Writers and Bloggers?

After writing their content, when a writer or blogger checks it for plagiarism, he/she finds that it contains a large or small amount of plagiarism, which can occur unintentionally or accidentally. So, they struggle hard to eliminate it by rewriting it multiple times, but still, there are some traces left behind. For this, the mode “Plagiarism Remover” was created to help them quickly remove duplication from their content. This mode will replace the majority of words with different synonyms, which can’t leave any traces of plagiarism behind. Along with this, if there is a need to restructure a sentence, the mode will do it on its own to make the text plagiarism-free, just as shown in the image below.

Plagiarism Remover

So, these were its modes, their working, and how they can be helpful for bloggers and writers.

AI Rewriter

Recently added AI Rewriter mode comes handy when you have to generate new content and you don’t have time for research. Using this mode you can create a different version of already created blog posts and articles. It takes just a few seconds, and you get totally new error-free, and plagiarism-free content.

As it generates a plagiarism-free version of the given content, this mode can be used as a plagiarism remover. If there are plagiarism traces in your content, you can use this tool to make your content 100% unique. AI rewriter is empowered by special branches of AI like NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Learning, and other language models. These technologies make this mode smart enough to analyze the context and objective of a given text and the output generated will convey the same meaning but in a different style.

AI Rewriter

Paragraph Rewriter

Another addition by the website comes handy when you have small patches of content that you want to regenerate. The objectives of paragraph rewriting can be various like plagiarism removal, improved readability, increase fluency or error removal. It is faster as compared to AI Rewriter because that mode uses extra algorithms while this mode is made to give you faster results.

Paragraph rewriter is an advanced mode because it analyzes the crux of the given paragraph and then almost regenerates an entirely new version of that. You can view in the image below where we had given 4 small paragraphs and the tool has generated almost 90% new content while keeping the intent, context and meaning unchanged.

Paragraph Rewriter

Article Rewriter – Diverse Tools That Can Help Writers and Bloggers

Here’s a good thing about this tool.

Article Rewriter not only provides a single tool, but it also provides some other useful tools for writers and bloggers. We will only give a short explanation of each tool.

·      Grammar Checker

After rewriting the text, if you are unsure about whether it is grammatically correct or not, then you can use Grammar Checker, which is also a free tool. This tool will detect any kind of grammatical errors in the text and provide you with suggestions to correct them.

·      Summarizer

Another useful tool Article Rewriter offers is Summarizer. This tool can help both writers and bloggers to remove redundancy or irrelevant points from the content and keep it to the point. Along with this, it can also give bullet points of the summarized text.

·      Plagiarism Checker

In some cases, if a writer/blogger is unsure whether the plagiarism is removed or not, then they can use the integrated Plagiarism Checker provided by Article Rewriter. This tool also utilizes advanced AI-based algorithms, which scan the given text from over a billion online sources and find any instances of plagiarism.


So, after reviewing Article Rewriter, we have come to the end that it’s really a useful tool for writers and bloggers. It is available for free and offers multiple modes, and each of them works effectively. They help both of them to make their content readable and plagiarism-free. Besides, with its diverse tools, it can help to check grammatical errors and plagiarism traces and also help to remove unnecessary information.

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