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Nebo Review | Nebo: The Best Note Taking App

In this Nebo Review, I will let you know about Best Features that Nebo has and Last How you can use Nebo For Free. Our partners at MyScript are constantly improving Nebo, their flagship iPad note-taking tool. Free form pages and sections and support for passive pens were included in previous upgrades, allowing users to write and draw wherever. Nebo’s latest version 3.0 upgrade included sophisticated PDF import and annotating capabilities. With several tool upgrades, the program has now been improved even more. Continue reading!


If you’re new to Nebo 3.0, this new video will give you a good summary of the app’s recent and current features:

Isn’t it amazing? Nebo is the best iPad note-taking software because of this! The PDF functionalities (a $3.99 add-on purchase with a 50% discount for current Nebo Pro customers) arrived just in time, as many individuals are now working from home and need to mark up digital documents.

The days of sending or dropping off a printed copy of a report or class materials are long gone. Receiving these documents by email is becoming extremely typical. After seeing how important they are to pandemic-affected users, the Nebo team made PDF import and documentation a high development goal.


Whenever a PDF file is sent to your iPad, click on it to open it and then transmit it to Nebo using the iPad share sheet. After selecting the notebook to open the PDF, you may utilize the annotation tools.

After you’ve finished highlighting, sketching, and writing on the PDF, you may share it with others by exporting it. You can import a PDF document instead of starting with a blank page. Nebo’s freeform and standard pages are still available if you need to start from scratch.


Nebo’s “interactive ink” motions may create and update notes on the standard page. Subsequently, the handwritten notes are turned into papers and reports using industry-leading write-to-text technology.

Freeform pages are a digital equivalent of a blank piece of paper. During meetings or seminars, take quick notes, discuss initiatives, and more. All of it is captured by Nebo.

COVID-19 and the requirement to interact remotely have impacted today’s lifestyle, companies, and campuses. Nebo 3.0 delivers the adaptable solutions needed to streamline processes, increase productivity, and effortlessly exchange material.


Nebo Review: In version 3.0, a marker tool was added to simplify highlighting in imported PDFs. The markup tool may now be used on ordinary pages and freeform pages and sections in version 3.1.

MyScript is committed to listening to its users, and this latest addition highlights how they use the input to enhance the program. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents may now be imported PDFs and marked up directly in Nebo 3.1. The documents may be converted to PDF format when the job is finished, complete with all annotations.

Last but not least, the eraser tool has been improved. The eraser’s width and behavior may now be easily adjusted in version 3.1 Nebo Review. There are two types of erasers to choose from:

  • Eraser with pinpoint accuracy for deleting precisely the material you choose.
  • For erasing full strokes or forms at once, use a stroke eraser.


Do you have an iPad? For a limited time, you may try the app for free. The free version allows you to create one notebook (with as many pages as you will need), but the Essentials Pack in-app will enable you to create an infinite number of notebooks.

This version also allows you to copy and paste material from other sources into your notes and export whole pages of plain text. Also, it backs up your Nebo libraries and accepts input from both the pen and the keyboard.

nebo sketch whatever freely


For the last year, Nebo has been a “freemium” app. You may sample the app for free, and there was previously an option to upgrade to “Pro.” There’s now a redesigned Nebo Store in the app where you can either buy the Full Pack of upgrades or just the features you want.

The $7.99 Full Pack, which includes the Essentials, Share, and PDF upgrades, is available in the Nebo Store. Don’t require PDF functionality? The other two packs may be purchased separately. The single packets are inexpensive:

Create unlimited notes, search notebooks, and utilize the built-in customized vocabulary with Essentials ($1.99).

($4.99) per share, The new PDF import, export, and annotation tools ($3.99) allow you to collaborate with others through cloud sync, publish, and export PDF.

Nebo is also compatible with Windows, Android, and Google Chrome on pen-enabled devices. Get your free copy on the App Store right now.

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  1. when i base on the vedio and step by step, the program was flashback before i select (Note or document)
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  2. I’m try just like what you say , but there is Some problem before installation, which the application is runable but it couldn’t use. the application Will flashback before I have make a choice between document and note.

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