Top 3 Blue Light Filter For Android

3 Best Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android

If you’re reading this, you’re one of those people who likes to read articles before going to bed. And why shouldn’t they? Whether literature or trash, reading stuff on those glorious smartphone displays by yourself is a pleasurable experience. On the other hand, the bright displays emit blue light, which can create strains and headaches. This is when blue light filter applications or night mode apps help.

While iOS contains a Night Shift function and several Android device makers ship their handsets (including Google’s Pixel), Android smartphones do not have a blue light filter setting. Don’t worry; we’ve added a list of the 3 best night mode applications for Android:

night owl onhaxpk

Night Owl – Screen Dimmer & Night Mode

Do you get weary of reading on your phone late at night? Do you have difficulties falling asleep after spending too much time staring at your phone’s screen? Night Owl might be the answer for you!

When looking at your phone in the dark, Night Owl filters out blue light and decreases the brightness of your phone’s screen further than Android settings can, which helps you prevent eye strain, insomnia (inability to sleep), and headaches.

  • Dim the whole screen, as well as the notification icons and drawer.
  • In the app or notification, you can easily alter the filter intensity.
  • Adjust the tint colour or filter the blue light.
  • Use a timer or a sun scheduler to automatically start and stop the app.
  • To close the app, shake the smartphone. (optional)
  • When the app starts, disable auto-brightness and set the device brightness to the lowest possible level. (optional)
  • To rapidly start or stop the app, use quick setting tiles.

Night Owl applies a filter to the screen using the “Display over other apps” function to make it darker and modify its colour.

Night Owl is a beta feature that leverages Android’s accessibility feature to provide a tinted overlay over the screen (including the notification and lock screens) to make it darker and modify its colour. Night owl does not read your screen content and does not use the Accessibility service to gather any information. You must first activate Night Owl Accessibility to use the app.

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Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

Do your eyes get tired of reading on the phone late at night?

Do you have difficulties sleeping after spending too much time staring at your phone screen?

This is due to the presence of blue light. The light source (380-550nm) for circadian control is blue light from your phone and tablet screen. According to scientific research, blue light is a severe hazard to retinal neurons and suppresses melatonin production, a hormone that governs circadian cycles. It has been proven that lowering blue light will help you sleep better.

The blue light filter reduces blue light by changing the screen to a natural hue. Shifting your screen to night mode might help decrease eye strain and make night reading more comfortable. Additionally, a blue light filter will protect your eyes and make it easier for you to sleep.


  • Reduce blue light
  • Adjustable filter intensity
  • Eye protector from screen light
  • Save power
  • Built-in screen dimmer
  • Very easy to use

Reduce Blue Light

The screen filter may convert your screen to a natural hue, reducing blue light, which might interfere with your sleep.

Screen Filter Intensity

You can change the filter brightness to soften the display light by moving the button.

Save Power

It has been demonstrated that lowering screen blue light may significantly conserve electricity.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the handy buttons and auto timer, the program can be turned on and off in one second. This is a convenient software for eye care.

Screen Dimmer

You may change the brightness of your screen accordingly. Improve your reading experience.

Eye Protector From Screen Light

Shift your screen to night mode to safeguard and soothe your eyes in no time.


  • Please switch off or stop this app before installing another app to allow installation.
  • Please turn off or suspend this app while capturing screenshots if the screenshots utilize the app effect.

Anti Glare Screen Filter

Are you still seeking an anti-glare screen filter? This is a useful anti-glare screen filter that you should try. Our anti-glare screen filter will protect your eyes.

Blue light filter & Night mode onhaxpk

Blue light filter & Night mode

A blue light filter can help you sleep better and battle insomnia, but it can also help you sleep better and reduce headaches. It could also be used to protect your eyes from the glare of a computer screen. The best aspect is that it has no adverse consequences. 🌙 Glaucoma can damage the optic nerve, which is necessary for proper eye health and vision if you don’t take care of your eyes. Also, if you spend too long on your smartphone without an appropriate dimmer of the screen, a cataract can form. 📱 This pocket-sized night filter will become your new best buddy! What is the answer to all of these eye health problems prompting people to use the gadget as a night light? It is a dark option that barely lights your screen and might be the only answer. 🌆 Your eyes will thank you for working the night shift since it will make your life so much simpler. Because of the appropriate light flux, using a gadget in low light will no longer be an issue for you. 😴 The night filter will look after your overall wellness. Now is the time to start using it. 🏆 Healthline named it one of the Top Migraine Apps of 2020. 🏆 More than 90,000 reviews and 4.7 stars. 🏆 More than 4 million satisfied customers.


📱Preset filters

Use our free premade blue light filter to faintly illuminate your screen and protect yourself from the night’s brightness to the best of your ability. Let’s get this night shift started!

💾Saving and editing filters

You may also create your dark filter using our dark mode customization options. You may make an endless amount of blue light filters with this night shift app.

🌚Dimming below system minimum

You may use the night mode to alleviate headaches and sleeplessness. The softly lit screen will ensure that your eyes receive the attention they require!

🌡Temperature customization

Set the temperature and brightness of your night screen to a comfortable level.

🌈Colour customization

Change your display to become dimly illuminated and choose the colour you want with the best intensity. Play around with the colours in this free blue light filter to create a variety of night shift filters. The dark mode has a plethora of possibilities. Allowing the night light to impede you and your phone is not a good idea.

📊RGB customization

Set the quantity of red, green, or blue in your filter, as well as the brightness of the screen. Make a nighttime filter of your own.

Automatic filter schedule

Whenever you want your night mode to switch on, make the appropriate adjustments. Your night shift will start and terminate automatically according to your program with this night filter application. Discover a whole new universe and enjoy reading, playing games, or reading the news in this dark mode. Thanks to the proper quantity of light flux, you won’t have to worry about your eyes or overall health. Make use of the evening light! Don’t allow a headache to get in the way of your goals. Start using this night mode as an eye defender against screen brightness as soon as possible, and your eyes will thank you. Blue Light Filter For PC Available here.

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