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Waltr Pro – Alternative to ITunes

In the past, iTunes was an excellent transfer system between Mac/PC and iOS device – you could quickly move files between your device and Mac/PC! Now you have to this Software Waltr Pro Alternative to ITunes.

Additionally, everything was kept in a single place, which did not cause any problems for the users and made it easier to manage the media files. Moreover, it was easier to convert mp3 files to an iPhone in the good old days.

After the Mac Catalina update, it was split into separate Apple applications, such as Apple Music, TV, Books, Finder, etc. Managing files became unimaginably more difficult than before. 

Alternative to ITunes

However, if we are honest with ourselves, iTunes was never considered ‘perfect’; we were merely keeping up with everything we had back then, wasn’t it?

We now have a variety of alternatives to iTunes, which have made it possible to move files from iPhone to PC and Mac and vice versa. However, this is pretty much it.

Softorino Waltr Pro

Waltr PRO, on the other hand, has been a significant success since its release. There is no doubt that this is an iTunes alternative (and more) with exceptional features.

There are many reasons why Waltr PRO is the best out there; however, in simple terms, it offers everything that iTunes lacked and much more. 

Let me explain it in more detail to get a better understanding of it and how it can be your next best iTunes alternative.


First and foremost, this software is extremely easy to use. In my opinion, it is the easiest iTunes alternative you will ever come across.

Transferring media files or making iPhone ringtones often conjures up clunky and difficult procedures – but thankfully, this is not the case with this application! 

It comes with an easy-to-navigate interface that even a five-year-old can use quite well – everything is right in front of you with no complications and easy to choose. 

Transferring files:

WALTR PRO for Mac continues to provide the most convenient way of transferring files without any difficulties. Therefore, if you need to access any file on your iPhone, you do not need to worry about compatibility. This is how it works:

  • Drag and drop any file into any destination tile.
  • WALTR PRO automatically detects the file, converts it into the appropriate format, and pushes it to the desired destination
  • DONE
waltr pro drag and drop

The Waltr PRO application is an alternative to iTunes and makes file transfers simple, especially after Apple discontinued the iTunes application. Waltr Pro allows you to share various files from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The original file does not need to be in an incompatible format since WALTR PRO automatically detects and converts it into an iOS and iPadOS-friendly format.

The entire process is seamless and fast.

Quickly transfer supported files to stock apps

Previously, we discussed how to transfer an unsupported file format after conversion. But what if you already have files that are compatible with iOS? WALTR PRO, being an alternative to iTunes, has no difficulty performing this task.

Here is an example of a song (mp3).

The files can be selected and dragged onto the ‘Drop to convert & add to iPhone‘ tile.

The files will be transferred and displayed in the Music app.

Transfer files to third-party iPhone and iPad app

Everything sounds great, but what if you would like to:

  • You can watch the converted video using the VLC app instead of Apple TV.
  • Interested in transferring e-books to the Kindle app.
  • Having PDFs inside PDF Expert

Waltr PRO provides a list of compatible apps for each type of file.

Edit Metadata & Cover Art

Softorino introduced ACR – Automatic Content Recognition in 2016, allowing users to scan and fill in missing metadata automatically.

The WALTR PRO application now includes the ability to edit cover art and metadata manually. Hold the ‘Ctrl’ key as you drag and drop the files to gain complete control over the appearance of your media.

Waltr Pro Edit Metadata


WALTR PRO is an excellent application for keeping your audio files, video files, and data compatible with iOS devices. The conversion and transfer process is streamlined and quick. Using a third-party application for file management is a great benefit. The simplicity is amazing since anyone can use this well-designed app. The interface is very simple and contains only three blocks. This application is not expensive and can save any user of iOS and Macs a great deal of time and effort in keeping their data compatible and making file transfers simple.I will write more articles on Softorino Products, So make sure you subscribe to Newsletter to get notified by email. Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel for video Reviews on stunning Products like This one.

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