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8 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate in Melbourne: BrandVillage’s Forecast

The graphic design trends have undergone significant changes in the past few years. You must expect your users to have different design tastes, especially since so many new tools have come up.

In the coming years, graphic design trends are expected to rule the market. The market face in graphics is changing at a rapid pace, thereby establishing the significance and convenience of brands.

Are you ready to bring changes in your brand visibility, too? In that case, you must choose the best trends with leading graphic design solutions in Melbourne. As one of the best graphic design agencies in Melbourne, BrandVillage can assist you every step of the way to craft your unique identity with the implementation of the best designs.

Take a look below to understand the various trends that will pave the way for excellent graphic designs.

With the design industry undergoing such a huge change, here are some of the trends to look for in your business in Melbourne:


Pixelation graphic designs would revolve around reflecting playful yet precise expressions. Pixelated visuals for graphics aren’t something familiar because numerous games are already using them, especially Minecraft. Pixelated graphics can further be included with pixelated typography and proper use of grids. Using pixelation also helps in evoking emotions and nostalgic feelings.

Heat Mapping

Do you want your brand to have a bit of futuristic appeal? In that case, you should opt for heat mapping in graphic design. Heat mapping helps draw the user’s attention as it adds depth and makes the design appear intricate. It involves the creative use of colour patterns, gradients, and textures. This trend allows us to present the data in an exciting format.

Geometric Shapes

Geometry in design has existed for a long time, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. Geometric shapes, fonts and designs help to add a clear perception to the design. Since Melbourne brands focus on using different shapes and colours, the strategic use of geometry can be extremely beneficial. However, the geometric shapes in graphic design are suitable for businesses that want a modern and creative appeal.

AI-powered Design

AI-powered Design

With AI taking over the market, it will likely dominate the graphic design sector, too. AI design tools like Midjourney can greatly help graphic designers elaborate their efforts and get the designs ready within a few clicks. Tools like Adobe Sensei, Adobe Firefly, and Midjourney will help automate the designs while improving the creative flow of designers. AI tools will allow the creation of eye-catching designs if data is presented accurately.

Future Fusion

Future fusion will significantly focus on inclusive visuals for graphic design. It takes inspiration from several leading campaigns and movements to craft a positive image for the brand. These future fusions with the traditional elements are well-observed in some great brands. Moreover, with the 70s revival, things move quickly, especially from the design perspective. These can be the best for in-app visuals. Opting for inclusive designs can draw praise from the audience.

Holographic Design

Holographic designs are one of the best trends to look forward to in 2024. They’re one of the finest design trends of the 21st century that dominated every industry and is likely to take over graphic design too. The holographic design was most prominently used in concerts. However, brands are also switching to using it. The transparent designs with neon colours and marbling visuals positively impact the audience.

Motion Collage

2024 may be the time to shift your design perspective and bring about the benefit of motion collage. Taking significant hints from zine culture, scrapbooks and intricate designs, motion collage helps create a unique brand identity. The motion collage templates are easily available for brands to conduct a trial before presenting them.


With the rise of AI tools and technology, 3D surrealism will also take the front seat, especially in graphic design. As we move towards the future of design, 3D surrealism helps to add depth, especially for setting up products and the environment. With an inflatable design, 3D surrealism will help to add a cyberpunk appeal to the overall graphics design.

3D surrealism

Final Thoughts

It’s time to stay ahead of your competition with exclusive designs. You need to capitalise on these trends and include them across all the channels to capture the users’ attention. Furthermore, staying updated with graphic design trends is important in enhancing the impact, especially boosting brand visibility. It is all about balancing creativity and conventional designs while crafting brand graphic designs. With the help of BrandVillage, it is important to identify the designs that cater to your brand needs the most. If you want to integrate these latest designs, contact BrandVillage for more.

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