IObit Uninstaller 12 Pro License Key

IObit Uninstaller 12 Pro License Key 2023

The IObit Uninstaller 12 is a powerful uninstall tool that’s better than windows’ default uninstaller and Iobit uninstaller 12 Pro license key can be used to unlock pro features.

What are the benefits of using a separate Uninstaller instead of Windows’ built-in feature? 

Your computer comes with an in-built Uninstaller that can be used to remove programs. 

However, the system’s built-in Uninstaller does not permanently remove a program’s traces. Third-party software can be helpful in this regard. 

A significant benefit of third-party programs is that they attempt to take control of the uninstalling process and remove any leftovers left behind by the official Uninstaller. 

Windows’ default Uninstaller does not always completely remove a program. Third-party tools can remove empty registry entries, program data, and application shortcuts left by the program. 

Iobit uninstaller 12

In addition, these programs usually provide more advanced options than the standard Windows Uninstaller. 

For example, third-party apps can monitor new software installations and create backups before they begin. This feature can be used if the newly installed program causes problems. 

IObit Uninstaller 12: 

Users of this Uninstaller are provided with a clean PC and a safe and smooth web browsing experience. 

The program removes all leftovers, Windows Apps, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and malicious and ad-related plugins. 

A new feature of IObit Uninstaller 12 is Software Health, which allows you to manage software permissions, block pop-up notifications, delete unnecessary setup files, and uninstall malicious software and browser extensions quickly and easily. 

Iobit uninstaller Software Health

Most Windows users have encountered strange software or even adware and bundleware without their knowledge. 

Users may unintentionally authorize advertorial websites on their browsers while browsing the Internet. Eventually, they become tired of being bothered by intrusive pop-ups and spam messages. 

By using IObit’s Software Health feature, users can avoid these issues. Users can easily disable all notifications in browsers and Windows apps with just a few clicks. 

Furthermore, Iobit has significantly improved its uninstall functionality and expanded its software database. It provides quick access to scan and uninstall over 1,000 stubborn programs. 

It is possible to scan more directories accurately and troubleshoot unwanted programs on a PC
Force Uninstall+ allows users to select and remove software and files that cannot be removed using standard methods. 

Additionally, a more comprehensive Install Monitor can detect and log more items created during the installation process (including startup items) to facilitate a complete uninstallation. 

There are many great features of IObit Uninstaller, including Bundleware, Stubborn Programs Remover, Force Uninstall+, Install Monitor, and Software Health. 

The following are the new features in IObit Uninstaller 12: 

  • Software Health allows you to manage software permissions, block pop-up notifications, clean unwanted setup files, and remove malicious software and browser extensions. 
  • An advanced scanning and cleaning algorithm allows a more powerful uninstall engine to delete residual files. 
  • If an in-depth Install Monitor were used, it would be possible to log more items (including startup items) created during the installation process for a more thorough uninstall in the future. 
  • It is possible to update more popular software, including AnyDesk, Calibre, Discord, LibreOffice, and BitTorrent, with a 50% larger database. 
  • The stubborn Program Remover database supports removing more than 1000 stubborn programs. 
  • Despite the lack of uninstall registries, Reinforced Force Uninstall+ can uninstall programs easily. 
  • New Windows Apps rating helps users get rid of unwanted apps. 
  • The removal of browser extensions has been improved. 
  • The improved user interfaces for a more intuitive experience. 
  • There are two types of skin: dark and light. 
  • A total of 37 languages are supported. 
  • Windows 11 is fully supported by this software. 

IObit Uninstaller is an all-in-one uninstall utility that will remove programs, bundleware, browser extensions, and Windows applications to maintain a clean and safe PC. 

IObit Uninstaller 12 Pro License Key: 

Download the installer from here:  Uninstaller 12

The installer should be run, Iobit’s unwanted software should be avoided, and the installation process should be completed. 

On the app’s main screen, click “Enter Code” (below the Activate Now button), and enter the following license code. 

IObit Uninstaller 12 Pro License Key 2023

Driver Booster 10 Pro License Key (Updated – June 25, 2023)

Note: Driver Booster 10 Pro serial keys are posted by users and gathered from the Internet.

[Working] Driver Booster 10.5.0 Pro License Codes

7A4A7-27FA2-BBDDB-CBE40 (328 Days)


3326C-4EAD0-A9290-EB740 (328 Days)


EC714-E8FD8-CCB79-19140 (328 Days)


19AF0-E05BA-7613D-A2F40 (328 Days)


07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440 (335 Days)


75B6C-62FB7-3A9A3-69740 (285 Days)


633AE-5926A-BB504-ED840 (256 Days)

Use this Driver Booster V10.2 Pro license key for 1-year support- N5EB2-985MQ-WKPAU-PFKVS

Please note that the above code offers a subscription until June 2024. 

Driver Booster is another Iobit great product. You must try it out.

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