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AI Story Generator: Is It Worth Plotting Stories With It?

Writing a good story is hard. You have an idea, but putting it all together into a plot is difficult. Stories have characters you care about, exciting things happening, and important messages that make you think.

You may have heard about AI tools that can help you make story plots, these are called AI story generators.

At some point, you may not be sure of a few things, such as:

  • If using one of the AI tools to make stories is a good idea?
  • Will the computer understand your story idea correctly?
  • Or will the plot it makes be boring and not creative like you want?

So, deciding whether to use an AI story generator is good or not!

As a writing specialist, I and my team reviewed different AI tools to check their authenticity. I was amazed after using several writing tools. In my experience, the story writer truly understands the struggles of writers and offers a solution that is both innovative and inspiring.

Before I go on to tell you everything in this article, I want to inform you that this reviewing article is not a promotional, affiliate, or any other disclaimer. I was in search of a good story generator that would help me create a perfect story. At that time, my specialist writers found it useful. 

Let’s take a look at all the aspects of what this AI story generator can do and how it helps with plotting stories.

How story generator features help in plotting stories?

The offers some exciting features to its users. Let’s review and find some of the top features of AI story generator that can help you:

  • Customizing the story structure, including genre, location, and main characters
  • Generate most relevant plot regarding topic
  • Create unique characters
  • Provide exciting opening lines to hook readers
  • Offer various modes

Now that we’ve discussed some popular features, it is time for us to use the tool to find out how it works.

How does it work?

My first try with this tool amazed me with its remarkable results. Before showing results, it is very easy to search this story generator. I simply searched for “story generator” on my browser.

searched for story generator

This ai generator opens up with an empty box where you can write about your topic.

ai story generator tool

After seeing that empty box, I immediately entered the prompt, “Write a story about a brave knight.” It allowed me to adjust the length and creativity according to my desires. This feature really got me excited because I wanted to create stories with different creativity and lengths. 

Then I set the story length to “short” and the creativity level to “low.”

Write a story about a brave knight

After choosing the length and setting the creativity, I click the “Generate Story” button. Then, it quickly gave a short story, around 245 words long.

Generate Story

This time, I changed my topic and used a story generator to write about religion. I set the length to ‘extensive‘ and the creativity to ‘high‘.

story generator to write about religion

This time, it also provides useful results based on the creativity and length that I have chosen.

I checked it again for the third time. I entered my topic, “story on sports,” and set the length to large and the creativity to medium. Now, let’s see what it gives as output.

story on sports

After seeing these results, I looked at the three different outcomes after changing the length and creativity settings. They change based on what you pick.

It’s a great tool for making lots of different stories. You should try it if you’re stuck with writing a plot. Now, I’ll discuss the pros and cons based on my experience of this online tool:


  • It can help you simplify writing tasks and come up with fresh story ideas.
  • It sparks your imagination with new plot twists and characters.
  • It can allow you to easily try out different genres and writing styles.
  • It encourages you to think more creatively with unexpected story suggestions.


  • Sometimes it can create stories that are complex, with multiple events.
  • This tool needs an internet connection.
  • The AI may not understand certain complex contexts.

AI story generator’s pricing and plans

This AI story generator is free to use and gives you access to set the creativity and length according to your needs. Once you use this tool, you can create short as well as long stories more effectively.

Ideal users of auto story generator?

Well, there are a few types of people who can really benefit from this story generator:

Aspiring authors

  • Content writers can use it to write a book by giving short prompts to it.
  • Authors can makes the process of writing stories much easier by using

Hobby writers

  • Hobbists can also use it in their free time to get entertained.


In simple terms, the ideal users are those who want to write but need a helpful tool to generate plot ideas, and make the writing process more creative. It’s worth giving it a try to see how it can enhance your storytelling skills and inspire new ideas for your stories. I personally get the benefits of using this tool to plot stories for different purposes.

Additional source:

Should you try using an AI story generator?

Maybe I’m being too hopeful, but I really wish you’d choose what will be best for you. Instead, why not write your own stories? It’s a great way to improve your writing skills. I can use ChatGPT because it’s popular and easy. But, I decided to give a story generator a try to see what unique results it could provide. So yes, this tool is absolutely worth using for plotting stories, as long as the writer adds their own creativity to it.

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