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Easier PDF to Word Conversion Ways While Keeping the Format Intact

When it comes to the most preferred format for text file sharing, the answer is PDF. An average user would say that I love PDF because it keeps formatting intact across various devices. The primary reason behind the introduction of PDF was to make sharing text files easier. Adobe shared it and named it PDF for a reason. 

PDF is an acronym for “Portable Document Format,” which pretty much reflects the reason behind the existence of this format. Adobe launched this format in the early 1990s to make it easy for users to share text files across various devices running on multiple operating systems. Since then, this text file format has seen massive usage for file-sharing purposes. 

Its versatility, adaptability, and data security make it a users’ favorite. PDFs allow users to view content easily across various devices without any change in formatting. However, this format doesn’t allow users to modify content. To modify content featured in this file format, you must convert PDF to Word. 

However, most users don’t know how to do that. Some think copying content from a PDF and pasting it into a Word file will do the trick. It is worth mentioning that doing so may not help you keep the format intact. This loss of formatting can seriously frustrate you. So, how can you convert PDF to Word? The answer is to use a PDF to Word Converter. 

Here are some tools that can help you do that easily. Read on to learn more. 

PDF to Word Converter by ImagetoTextTools 

ImagetoTextTools is a popular online platform. The domain name reflects that this platform offers multiple converters. Most of them fall into the category of converters termed image to text tools. However, it also offers converters to help users convert text files from one format to another. The PDF to Word converter it offers is also one such tool. There are multiple reasons why this tool has earned its spot in our list of top utilities for converting PDF to Word files. You must know some of the standout features and functionalities of this tool. 

  • Easily usable tool, thanks to user-friendly interface. 
  • Availability as a freemium tool. 
  • Capable of converting multiple PDFs to Word files synchronously. 
  • Cost-effective premium subscription packages. 
  • Multiple input options to ensure the ease of users. 
  • Supports large-sized files without any problem. 
  • Accessible through various platforms. 
  • Availability in Multiple Languages. 
  • Ensures super-fast processing. 
  • Performs PDF to Word conversion while keeping data safe and secure. 

SmallPDF’s Converter 

We bet most of you have heard the name of this platform earlier. This platform is famous not only for its PDF to Word converter but also for various PDF tools, including compressors and various other converters. This tool shows compatibility with multiple devices and browsers. Hence, you can easily use it through any device or browser without hassles. It has become a part of our list of top PDF to Word converter tools because of its numerous features and functionalities that make it one of the preferred choices of average users for PDF to Word conversion. Here are some details you should know about this tool. 

  • Offers an easy to use interface that is easily understandable by average users. 
  • Provides multiple input options including import from cloud storage platforms. 
  • Ensures PDF to Word conversion without any quality loss. 
  • Come equipped with advanced OCR technology. 
  • The OCR technology enables it to convert scanned PDFs to editable Docs accurately. 
  • Capable of performing PDF to Word conversion of significantly larger file sizes.  
  • Capable of performing PDF to Word conversion securely. 

PDF to Word Converter by iLovePDF 

Like SmallPDF, iLovePDF is another online platform purposefully built to offer various handy tools to help users deal with PDF files. In addition to the compressor, it also offers tools to split and merge PDFs. Its converter tools are also commendable. The PDF to Word converter it offers earns our highest recommendations because of its ease of use. Like various other tools this platform offers, this converter is also available as a freemium tool. If you want to learn more about this tool, the features and functionalities listed below will serve the purpose.  

  • Convenient interface to ensure optimum user experience.  
  • Capability of importing documents from cloud storage platforms for conversion. 
  • Ensure PDF to Word conversion accurately while maintaining the same formatting. 
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms for easy usability. 
  • Easy download of the converted file for further usage. 


You will rarely find platforms with a domain name that perfectly reflects the purpose behind their existence, and PDF2DOC is one of them. The name of this platform was so impressive that many other online platforms used the same term to enhance the exposure of their online PDF to Word converters. This online platform not only hosts the online PDF to Word converter but also various other tools. However, users who visit this website to use this platform and perform conversions will surely get the best output. Hence, it earns a spot in our list of easiest ways to convert PDF to Word. Here are some details about this tool.  

  • Simple and friendly interface that is easily usable by various users. 
  • Allows users to upload and convert up to 20 files in one go. 
  • Usable on various devices without any hassles. 
  • The tool is readily usable. 
  • This tool doesn’t require installation and registration for conversion. 
  • It allows users to download files individually. 
  • Users can also download all converted files in one go and save them as a Zip folder.  
  • The tool is available as a freemium utility. 

OpenPDF’s Converter 

The last entry in our list of top tools for PDF to Word conversion is offered by OpenPDF. Like many other platforms, OpenPDF is a great online platform offering multiple PDF-related tools to help various users handle PDFs easily. It also offers tools to help them to add e-signature and Watermark to PDFs and edit them. While working of the PDF to Word converter of this platform is quite similar to other tools included in our list. Some features and functionalities make it different. We will discuss a few of them shortly here. 

  • Easily usable tool because of its simple interface. 
  • Allows users to upload the document from storage or drag and drop it. 
  • Availability in multiple languages. 
  • Unlike other tools offered by OpenPDF, this tool is usable for free. 
  • Ensure quick PDF to Word conversion. 
  • Helps users perform accurate conversions without any safety risks.  

In the End 

Even though PDF is a perfect file format when it comes to sharing text documents, PDF to Word conversion becomes important when you want to edit the content or back it up. Simple copying and pasting can seriously compromise the formatting. Hence, using a top-notch PDF to Word converter is the easiest way to do this. This article has discussed a few exceptional tools for this purpose. Hopefully, you will use any of them to perform conversions!

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