Strategies to Win at UNO

8 Amazing Tips and Strategies to Win at UNO

Over the years, my experience has shown that mastering the game of Uno requires a careful selection of cards and strategic thinking. By implementing the strategies provided below, you can significantly improve your chances of winning. While luck does play a role in the game and guarantees cannot be made for every match, following these tips and tricks will certainly enhance your win rates. Try winning tips at UNO games and you will notice that you win more often.

#1 Counting cards

You need to be a strategist to win UNO. Counting cards involves tracking which cards have been played to anticipate upcoming cards based on the previous ones. Paying close attention is crucial when counting cards. Notably, especially when another player repeatedly plays cards of the same color, you should change the color being played, as they may be discarding their cards rapidly.

To keep increasing their hand, ensure that the same color remains in play when players consistently draw cards of that color each turn.

#2 Analyze the enemy

Keep in mind that the objective of Uno is to discard all your cards while causing others to acquire cards. Additionally, it is important to always keep track of the number of cards your opponents possess. Thoroughly observe the cards held by other players. If a player preceding you is required to draw, reclaim that action, forcing them to draw again.

When a player has numerous cards but still chooses to change the color, swiftly revert the color. This is crucial as it prevents them from easily discarding multiple cards. Similarly, if your opponent continues to draw cards of a specific color, persist in playing that color.

#3 Throw matching numbers

Try to quickly discard matching numbers in your hand. But what exactly does this mean? For example, if you have a yellow 4, a green 4, and a red 4, try to eliminate at least 2 of them. By doing so, you will have a better selection of numbers to play, rather than repeatedly playing the same cards.

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#4 Keep trump cards until the end of the match

Based on my experience, using the Wild Card too early in the game can be enjoyable, making opponents nervous and forcing them to pick up cards. However, this strategy may ultimately lead to losing the game. It’s advisable to hold onto the Wild Card for as long as possible, ideally until your last card, and then play it. The only exception is when you find yourself losing while others are winning. In such cases, it’s recommended to deploy the Wild Card to gain an advantage and increase your chances of winning.

#5 Play short

Always prioritize playing the highest number you possess when matching by color because having fewer points limits the scoring potential of others upon their victory.

However, keep in mind the exception of the 0 card since obtaining and discarding the four 0 cards can be quite challenging. Make an effort to switch to a color that yields the highest point values in your hand. As the game nears its end, discard your Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards since they carry a hefty 50 points. Additionally, get rid of any other special cards in your possession.

#6 Drop the same color first

To swiftly discard your cards, prioritize playing cards of the same color. This enables you to quickly diminish your hand and fuels your pursuit of victory. Additionally, an effective approach is to strategically employ same-color cards that hinder the next player’s turn. Begin with cards like the draw 2 card, skip card, or reverse card. Although this may unsettle the player adjacent to you, it significantly enhances your chances of winning.

By the way, you can play Uno online. Most importantly, use Chrome VPN for this, and then you can play safely with players around the world. This is a great chance to practice and improve your playing skills.

#7 Always change color when playing Wild Card +4

#8 Use action cards smart

Play your action cards at the precise moment. Avoid playing them too early or too late in the game. Always keep track of your opponent’s cards and make decisions accordingly.

  • Avoid hoarding excessive skip cards and reverse cards. Accumulating too many will result in a point loss if you lose, as each card is worth 20 points.
  • Remember that in a two-player game, reverse cards function as skip cards.
  • Use wild cards (+4) strategically when your opponents have fewer cards, but exercise caution.
  • If possible, play a wild card (color card) as your last move to avoid drawing a card if you don’t have a matching color with your opponent.

If you have 3-4 cards remaining in different colors, it’s better to draw a card instead of using the Wild card.


While Uno is a delightful game to enjoy with your family, like many others, I value the thrill of winning. Cheating is out of the question, but I’ll do everything in my power to secure a victory. By implementing the above suggestions, techniques, and strategies, you can elevate your Uno skills and greatly improve your chances of winning. Surprise your family during the next game by showcasing your remarkable new abilities in Uno.

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